The History of Dead Horse Lake Golf Course

Dead Horse Lake Golf Course located just off of I-40/75 has been a staple in the West Knoxville/Cedar Bluff area since 1973. Joe and his brother Pete Parker decided to build the golf course upon encouragement from their father Bill Parker. They started construction in 1971 on what was their family farm with the help of local golf course business owners and a “How To” book written by the USGA. Dead Horse Lake has been the host of the Men’s Knoxville Amateur tournament as well has many High School and Junior golf events. Over the past 20 years Dead Horse Lake Golf Course has made many improvements to its facilities by adding a Driving Range, Chipping area and Restaurant/Bar and continues to look for ways to improve each year.


How Dead Horse Lake Golf Course Got Its Name

When Joe and Pete were debating about the name of the golf course, the brothers referred to a story that dated back to 1792 from a local history book. Legend has it that an explorer who traveled through the area on horseback, got his horse stuck in quicksand while traveling through the property. That swampy area (near the infamous Hole #3) swallowed the horse filling the sinkhole and over several years formed what is now known as Dead Horse Lake. In 1973 the course opened for play and #3 has been the most discussed hole ever since. Hole #3 only 365 yards from the back tees and 320 yards from the middle tees, allows golfers 2 options: take your chance and carry the lake at least 260 yards from the tee box or cross the lake twice by taking two 160 yard shots to reach the green. Choose wisely because if you don’t your golf ball will not only be swimming with the fishes, but with “The Horse” of Dead Horse Lake.




Dead Horse Lake